01 July 2009


Dear friends

i have been very ocuupied as i'm relocating to India.. i guess u can understand the pains of it..
argggggggggh.. too many things.. will be leaving next thursday.. but all in all i'm so very excited to go back to India.. its gonna be almost 3 years since i visited India.. had to leave to Paris after few months of marriage .then stayed there for 14 months then shifted to Abidjan,Ivory Coast
of course the number of tours i did while my stay in France.. oh i'm so tired of packing and unpacking !
i have displayed by full name - Pooja Sekar
as many people get confused with the other pooja's
i have not been able to visit your blogs and read your lovely posts..
but i guess after i reach India and as soon as i get my internet fixed i'll be able to blog !
so guys wish me luck and catch u all soon.
bye until then