25 July 2012

Back from my hibernation !

Dear fellow bloggers,

Its been years since i last blogged . Well lot of happenings at the home front.
There has been a new addition to our family, he will be completing 2 yrs soon.
i had shifted to India and somehow lost touch with the blogosphere.
Its been 4 months since i moved to Islamabad,Pakistan.
I'm doing my post graduation as well, So sort of tied down plus i have not been cooking
anything worth while to be entered here. Lost in motherhood as well ! But still i felt that i needed to
do what i liked, that i should squeeze in some time  for myself. There were many times i thought i should write about a particular recipe and would hunt for my camera and lo the battery would have been drained out ! the stupid me dint recharge it ! well there is always a next time.
well one reason or the other intertwined and i had sort of lost interest and of course the lazy me !
well finally i have decided to break the ice and come out of my hibernation !

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