02 June 2009

New look on blog

Of late i have been playing a little too much with settings tab, adding new gadgets and yes
of course i have changed the template.. last week i had done something with the html code and it had changed the look of the header image and it took quite sometime for me figure out the mistake....i was kind of bored with the old one being there for a couple of months.. though i have used a basic template i like the new look. looks refreshing ! I'm still not done playing with settings tab.. thinking of changing the header a little ..lets see if i can get some idea !
This blogging is so addictive ! but i love it , getting new friends and of course the appreciations..thank you fellow bloggers for stopping by and commenting ..i feel so happy !
Happy blogging to all of you out there !


Divya said...

New template a??

Looks good Pooja:)

Pooja said...

yes divya..new template !
thanx a lot !

Parita said...

True blogging can be sooo addictive...welcome to blogoholic :) nice template!!

Pooja said...

Thanx Parita... u bet i am beginning to become blocoholic !