03 June 2009


ooooooh its time for click and event..!
this is the first time i'm contributing for an event and i'm so excited !
well about the click.. i'm a clumsy photographer trying to figure out how to take a good photo
many thanx to the jugalbandits from jugalbandi for motivating me on this Herculian task..
i got inspired by their click monthly event.

this pic goes to the event click:june 2009(stacks)

i'm also sending this post to the let's celebrate event hosted by ria

now lets munch some cookies
i have used a basic recipe here ,as i'm still experimenting on baking ! but it sure tastes good.

all purpose flour - 4 cups
sugar(powdered) - 1 1/2 cups
dry dessicated coconut (store bought) - 1 1/2 cups
vanilla with sugar (store bought) - 1 sachet net weight being 7g / Vanilla essence
Chocolate powder - 2 tbspns
butter - 200 gms + 1/2 tbspn

  • In a large bowl add the all purpose flour , sugar , coconut and vanilla
  • make sure the sugar is well powdered
  • add in the butter(200 gms) and keeps mixing so that the flour is well coated with the butter
  • when done take about 1 cup of this and set aside
  • to this 1 cup add the chocolate powder and the remaining butter and mix it well
  • now let your imagination play and make desired shapes and patterns
  • here are a few of mine !

can u find the chakla and belan(imagination ran wild while making these hee hee hee :-) )

were you guys able to figure out the bracelet i have made


Ramya Vijaykumar said...

The cookies are looking kewl, nice pics too... have blogrolled you Shall keep dropping by for more!!!

Ria said...

Very cute!!! Thanks for the entry! Happily accepted! :)

Parita said...

so cute and adorable cookies dear..loved your bracelet cookie..would love to have that :)

Pooja said...

@ ramya

Thanx ramya. thanx for following..

@ ria
thanx ria .have a gr8 birthday bash !

@ parita

thanx parita if only i cud send them to u :-)

bee said...

they look lovely. thanks for your entry.

Pooja said...

Thanx bee !

Divya Vikram said...

very pretty cookies!Creative!

Pooja said...

Thanx divya

Vrinda said...

Gorgeous cookies Pooja..

Pooja said...

Thanx Vrinda !

SriLekha said...

wow! its looking so cute!

Pooja said...

Thanx a lot srilekha!

Sailaja said...

very cute cookies..

Bergamot said...

This is simply awesome. You are really creative

Pooja said...

Thanks Sailaja

Pooja said...

Thanks Bergamot

Sowmya said...

Wow Pooja that is amazing .... I could imagine how much of efforts it would have taken..Superb ! I too am going to try some creativity next time I make cookies :)

Pooja said...

HI Sowmya well i comfortably switched on the TV and spent a considerable time making cookies and watching TV.. hee hee hee.. but i must say it was fun.. best wishes to you

Sushma Mallya said...

hi Pooja....lovely looking cookies....thanks for visiting my blog and joining in.....

Pooja said...

thanks sushma !

Animisha said...

Hi pooja,
Great and a cool creation dear.
Your cookies are so so tasty i tried yesterday.
I was thinking twice to add dry coconut because of the coconut smell but really, it is the best taste enhancer.
And hats off to u with the presentation creativity.
I thought only talented professionals can get such creative presentations.
But you have proved my thinking wrong with your cookies.
Really the bracelet one is so nice.
My friends kids enjoyed them like wearing to to their hands and playing.
Dude you are cooooooooooool

Pooja said...

hey animisha
so lovely to hear that u made those cookies...yeah is really fun making those cookies ..glad to hear that the kids enjoyed with the bracelets.. i visited ur web page u have lovely space.. !